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How to List the Popular Posts on a WordPress Site

When you pay visits to websites, you must have been familiar with a list of popular posts. As a WordPress site owner, you may also want to increase your page views by listing the popular posts which give new reasons and opportunities for your visitors to view more pages and spend more time on your WordPress site.

In fact, WordPress does not have a built-in function to track visits and then list popular posts. These websites have figured out a workaround to deal with the situation. Therefore, it is necessary for you to learn the methods in order to follow their steps. You can either achieve that via manual coding or a plugin. In order not to bother with such things, use custom enterprise application development.

On the Internet are many articles which guide you on how to display popular posts without a plugin. However, you may still have no idea about how to operate it due to a lack of technical skills which gets in your way to have a try. Therefore, we decide to recommend some free plugins for beginners just like you to avoid the risk. You can follow our link to find the detailed procedures to install these plugins.

List Popular Posts with Plugins

The plugins include Jetpack by, WordPress Popular Posts, and Top 10, which are well received by users due to their rich features and ease of use. According to your need, you can select one from the three plugins.

The Jetpack by Plugin

Followed by more than 1,000,000 users, Jetpack by is a powerful plugin with many features among which the Top Posts & Pages Widget and Extra Sidebar Widgets are available for you to make your own configurations. With the help of Jetpack by, you are able to display the most viewed posts in the past 2 days with a simple widget.

The WordPress Popular Posts Plugin

So far, more than 200,000 users have downloaded WordPress Popular Posts. Unlike Jetpack by, WordPress Popular Posts is an exclusive plugin which comes with a customizable widget for popular posts.

Based on the number of page views or comments, this plugin ranks the popularity of your posts. It offers many options for you to customize the widget, such as the time range, post types, and many more. Though this plugin makes it possible for you to list popular posts or views within the last 24 hours, it also has its own weakness since you need to make extra efforts to style the generated list.

The Top 10 Plugin

With 30,000+ users, Top 10 is designed to show a list of daily or overall popular posts for your visitors. It will count the number of daily and total page views towards single posts, pages and custom post types. Just like WordPress Popular Posts, Top 10 also allows you to add a highly configurable widget into your sidebar area.


Since Jetpack by can meet your various needs, you just take a full advantage of this plugin if you have installed it. If not, we recommend Top 10 due to the richer features. However, you need to pay attention to customize your post types to avoid creating different sets of popular content on your WordPress site.

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